Истински млечни продуки от сърцето на Добруджа!


"Buldex" Ltd. - Dairy Products "Ralitsa MILK"

Welcome to the official web-page of Buldex Ltd.  – Dairy of the village of Belitsa, the municipality of Silistra. Here you will learn everything about our business, about our high-quality dairy products with the brand name Ralitsa MILK and about the working process in the company. We hope that all our clients are satisfied with the taste of our products and for those who haven’t tasted it yet, we hope to raise their interest with this web-page.


We produce our products from 100% fresh milk in the most fertile region of Bulgaria - Dobrudzha.

White Cheese

Cheese "Ralitsa MILK" is marketed in four types - cow, sheep and goat. It is known for its quality, both in Bulgaria and abroad ...


Yellow Cheese

Cheese "Ralitsa MILK" is guaranteed taste and quality. The market offers a type cheese, cheese from cow's milk ...


Yogurt and sour cream

Yogurt "Ralitsa MILK" is 2%, 3.6% and 8% fat and with kefir and sour cream available is environmentally friendly packaging ...