Истински млечни продуки от сърцето на Добруджа!


About Buldex

 Dimo Rachev Denchev
 owner and manager

   BULDEX Ltd. is a family company whose main activity is  the production of dairy produce. For its successful  functioning and development care the owners – Denchevs’ Family.

   The Dairy  is located  on area of 4 decares, on the territory  of The Village of Belitsa, (The Region of Silistra), in The Danube Plain. The capacity of  The Enterprise is 60 tons  milk daily.  BULDEX Ltd. produces milk goods as for the home market, as well as  for export in the states of The European Union and out of it, under Nr. BG 191 2024.

   The Dairy – The Village of Belitsa processes cow’s, sheep’s , goat’s and buffalo-cow’s milk. The delivery of  milk is carried out by own transport from categorized farms corresponding to all requirements of The European Union. The quality of the milk is controlled through modern measurement devices in the modernized laboratory by The Dairy.
   In The Company work qualified technologists, testers and masters. This is evident  from the trade mark made its reputation – RALITSA MILK’ .
   The Cheese ‘RALITSA MILK’ is well-known  for its qualities as in Bulgaria, as well as abroad. It is produced through technologies of high quality, from 100% fresh milk. Four  kinds of The Cheese ‘RALITSA MILK’ are offered on the market: cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese. And all they are of warranted quality.

The Company disposes of a good equipped workshop for packing the milk goods. The variety of packages satisfies even the most exquisite taste.  The Yogurt RALITSA MILK’ is of 2%,3,6 % and 8% butter content and is offered on the market in ecologically pure packages. The Yellow Cheese ‘RALITSA MILK’ is of warranted taste and quality. Two kinds of Yellow Cheese are offered on the market:Cow’s milk Yellow Cheese;
Sheep’s milk Yellow Cheese.

The owners of The Company have thought about  the pleasant rest of the workers, providing excellent conditions of nutrition and respite for them. BULDEX Ltd. disposes of own refrigerator transport guaranteeing  the timely delivery of the products to the trade net. 

"Buldex" Ltd has implemented a management system for food safety ISO 22000: 2005.