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Belitsa village, Tutrakan municipality

About BULDEX Ltd.

"BULDEX" Ltd. is a family company whose main activity is the production of dairy products. The owners - the Denchevi family - take care of its successful functioning and development. Established in 1997, it continues to thrive and to occupy new market niches with its trademark Ralitsa MILK

 The dairy is spread over an area of ​​4 decares on the territory of Belitsa village (Silistra district) in the Danube plain. The capacity of the enterprise is 60 tonnes of milk per day. BULDEX Ltd. manufactures dairy products both for the domestic market and for export to and from the European Union under BG 191 2024.

 The dairy farm Belitsa village processes cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. The milk is delivered on its own transport from categorized farms that meet all the requirements of the European Union. The quality of milk is controlled by modern measuring instruments in the modernized dairy lab. Traditional recipes are adhered to and new ones are being developed.

The company employs qualified technologists, laboratory technicians and masters. This is evident from the imposed brand "Ralitsa MILK".

When it arrives at the dairy, the milk is tested and cooled, and enters the production cycle to turn it into cheese, yellow cheese, fresh cheese, cottage cheese, or butter. Cheese and cheese ripen long enough - more than 60 days to get the taste we know and love. In our dairy products we do not put milk powder or vegetable fat - only fresh milk - cows, sheep, goats!
The owner of the dairy - Dimo Denchev