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Belitsa village, Tutrakan municipality


Kashkaval "Ralitsa Milk"
is produced from high quality cow's milk, special lactic acid yeast, salt and yeast according to traditional Bulgarian technology, as for 1kg. cheese uses about 10 liters of whole milk cow's milk. It has a light yellow to amber-yellow color, a tight and dense texture, with a characteristic milky butter taste of a truly ripe yellow cheese. Its high durability, high nutritional and organoleptic qualities make it a preferred product for any meal. , either breaded or baked on our favorite pizza, heated or other culinary temptation.
Cheese is a type of hard cheese that has undergone a cheerleading process. It is made only from sheep or cow's milk. Cheese is a dairy product produced mainly on the Balkan Peninsula. The production of the cheese known to us today has come about through the progressive refinement of technology over many centuries. It consists in the acidification of the cheese and the subsequent steaming with hot water and salting.
Kashkaval "Ralitsa MILK" is of guaranteed taste and quality. On the market, cheese is available in different packages - 200 g, 500 g, 1 kg and 7 kg.
  • Sizes
Kashkaval from cow's milk "Ralitsa MILK" - 7kg.
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Kashkaval from cow's milk "Ralitsa MILK" - 1kg.
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Kashkaval from cow's milk "MALKO Ralitsa" - 200g.
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Kashkaval from cow's milk "Ralitsa MILK" - 500 gr.
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