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Belitsa village, Tutrakan municipality


Cow yoghurt, Doogh and Sour cream "Rilitsa MILK"
Ralitsa MILK cow yoghurt is 2%, 3.6% and the new product is 8% fat, and together with Ayran and sour cream, they are marketed in environmentally friendly packaging. They are produced using high quality 100% fresh milk technology - with guaranteed quality.
Bulgarian yogurt is a unique world-known lactic acid product. From ancient times it has been considered a food that maintains health and longevity in humans. Bulgarian yogurt is characterized by the fact that it contains a large number of living useful lactic acid bacteria, the number of which ranges from 400 million to 1 billion grams of yogurt. These microorganisms, during fermentation, cause profound changes in the composition of the milk, and also synthesize substances that have a beneficial effect on the whole body.
Yogurt is a rich source of calcium for meeting human needs. Calcium maintains the excitability of the heart muscle. It is of utmost importance for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Stimulates the action of the endocrine glands and accelerates blood clotting. Yoghurt is an indispensable source of calcium for people who suffer from lactose intolerance, as well as for middle-aged women who often suffer from bone deformity due to calcium deficiency.
Yogurt is a powerful biological tool for combating some food poisoning. It also has antitumor action, tones the body. It also helps fight stomach and intestinal cancer, and its regular consumption has reduced the risk of it.
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Yogurt "Ralitsa MILK" 8% fat content - 1kg
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Cow butter "Ralitsa MILK"
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"Ralitsa MILK" cottage cheese
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Sour cream "Ralitsa MILK" 20% fat content
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Ayran "Ralitsa MILK"
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Yogurt "Ralitsa MILK" 8% fat content
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yogurt"Ralitsa MILK" 2% fat content
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yogurt"Ralitsa MILK" 3.6% fat content
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